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  1. EpsilonMC

    Have a Suggestion? Read this first!

    Have an idea?! Thank you for wanting to help us deliver on our promise for Custom Features! Fill out the following questions in your own thread for everyone to see, including our staff! * Enable Polls when making new thread * IGN: Tell us your idea: If accruable, tell us, in detail, how this...
  2. EpsilonMC

    Community Rules

    We want everyone to have a fun time and enjoy their time on our server. Weather you're new or you've been with us for the past 8 years, we hold everyone to a high standard of passionate gaming and respect. We understand things happen, but by holding each other accountable, we can make this a fun...
  3. EpsilonMC

    Welcome to EpsilonMC!

    Welcome back to Epsilon Prison! Epsilon started 8 years ago, in July 2014, by John Priani and the server was a huge success for our community; but all good things must end, right? Nope! The fun keeps going! Redeveloped, redesigned, and rebuilt in 2022. We're looking to bring back our community...