Welcome to EpsilonMC!

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Welcome back to Epsilon Prison!

Epsilon started 8 years ago, in July 2014, by John Priani and the server was a huge success for our community; but all good things must end, right? Nope! The fun keeps going! Redeveloped, redesigned, and rebuilt in 2022. We're looking to bring back our community of strong gaming ethic 💪 , passionate ❤️ , and great players 🎮 like you!

Epsilon Prison features over 50 plugins to provide an insanely fun and custom gameplay experience! Ranking up from A to Z, having fun with friends and other players, auctions and mob arena are just a tiny part of what Epsilon Prison is about! You will start your journey as a "A" rank with $250,000. You start at the bottom but you work your way up. The mine inside of A is made out of Stone, and Coal Ore, and the log mine is made out of regular wooden logs, and as you gather the materials and sell them to the shop, you'll be able to rank up to B rank after $500,000. To rank-up, type /rankup. When you rank up, the shops and mines become better and better. You'll also have access to a plot where you can store your items, make a house, or make a shop to make money. The ranks go from A-Z and once you get to Z you can become FREE rank. At free rank, you can have access to the real world to get rare items. When you are Free you can either prestige and go back to A rank or stay free and help your friends get there with you!

Features Include:

Custom Enchants
Tokens & Rare Gems
Shop & Money Multipliers
Mine Crates
Lucky Chest
Plots & Cells
Advanced Mobs
Prisoner Skills
Chest Shops (Plot & Cell Shops)
Rentable Cells in Spawn
Pickaxe Upgrades
PvP Area
Drop Parties
Gangs (SOON!)

Beta Re-Opening: August 1st, 2022 @ 12 PM EST - We can't wait to see you there!
SAVE THE IP! We'll be ready for you soon! "EpsilonMC.net" | "EpsilonPrison.net"

Thank you guys, from the bottom of our hearts. We are very excited to welcome back our community for a fun-filled time on the server! ❤️
Not open for further replies.